Read Stew's newsletter (thank you for that), which was timely because as I was driving home from dropping my kid at school I was ruminating on not having touched my laptop for the last two days straight. I don't know the last time that happened. I'm always working on something. Which makes sense as a freelance creative with bills to pay and a life to keep moving forward. The only treacherous part seems to me when we spend so much time striving that we lose sight of the fact that what we *do* and who we *are* are not exactly the same thing. We (I?) can get easily drawn into fruitless attachment to things that are either impermanent (which is a losing game) or unreal (also a set-up). And yet, like Stew, I didn't grow up with money and I sure as hell have very little now, so I can't afford to be blasé about striving to manifest the life I want. It's a tricky balancing act that, as you say, I have to accept I'll only ever be fine at.

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